by Karl D

Descent 02:18
Shadow 03:01
Specter 02:27
Regeneration 01:52
Zenith 02:27
Waking Dream 02:36


While technically a remix album, life.refactored is a "total album remix" of the original life.remixed. Instead of focusing on the tracks on an individual basis, elements from the original tracks from the original album were interweaved to become a new, separate work. In some cases the individual tracks have significantly more affinity to their "originals" while others have taken on drastically new forms.

I created life.refactored with the constraint of only using samples from the original album. Only some "stock" samples including a cymbal and an Amen break were used as an exception to that constraint.

life.refactored is intended to be experienced with the continuous mix, but the tracks have been made available for download as well.
A familiarity with the orignal album life.remixed is recommended but not required.

1. (0:00) Descent
Beats: That's what Tomorrow's For
Piano: Climbing to the Top
Strings: Like, Haunted

2. (2:12) Shadow
Beats: Like, Haunted
Low end pads: That's what Tomorrow's For
Keys: Hiding in Plain Sight

3. (4:20) Specter (Like, Haunted Dubstep Mix)
Beats: Like, Haunted + SCAR
Bass: Hiding in Plain Sight
Synth: Like, Haunted

4. (6:12) Regeneration
Beats: Reconstitution
Piano: Reconstitution
Bass: Reconstitution
Organ: Like, Haunted
SFX: Rasta Breakfast

5. (8:04) Zenith
Beats: So Many Different People
Synth: Climbing to the Top
Bass: Collapse
Pads: Like, Haunted
SFX: Collapse

6. (10:49) Deeply Entranced
Beats: Collapse
Bass: Like, Haunted
Synth: So Many Different People

7. (12:49) Waking Dream
Bass: So Many Different People
Synth: Reconstitution

8. (15:40) Collapsed and Damaged
Beats: Hiding in Plain Sight
Synth: Collapse
Piano: Collapse
Bass: SCAR

9. (17:44) Rasta Breakfast (Deep in the Jungle mix)
Beats: Rasta Breakfast + Amen Brother
Bass: Rasta Breakfast
Synth: SCAR
Horns: Rasta Breakfast

10. (19.15) Looking to the Future
Beats: Solid Ground
Rhodes: That's what Tomorrow's For


released July 7, 2018



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